Tradition And Comfort at Miners' Bay Lodge

Cherished Since 1938

Miners’ Bay Lodge (MBL) is a cherished seasonal lodge and resort that holds a special place in the hearts of many. For the hundreds of guest families who consider MBL their “second home,” the lodge represents much more than a traditional summer retreat. It embodies enduring values of tradition and offers a family-friendly vacation experience that has consistently drawn guests back, year after year.

55 Acre Property

2 Private Beaches

2 Tennis Courts

A Legacy of Lakeside Leisure

Miners’ Bay Lodge (MBL) boasts a rich and notable history, deeply committed to preserving the warm family and community atmosphere that delights both first-time visitors and generations of returning guests.

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Gull Lake, Miners’ Bay has long been a captivating tourist destination. The lodge’s story began in 1912 when the Percy family chose Gull Lake over Muskoka for their annual retreat, a tradition that continues today.

In 1938, the Wunker family acquired the Bay View Hotel, renaming it Miners’ Bay Lodge and expanding it significantly. For eighty years, three generations of Wunkers managed the lodge, crafting the memorable “MBL experience” for thousands.

In 2018, Russ and Dottie Wunker retired, passing the stewardship to a group of long-time guests dedicated to continuing its legacy.

We warmly invite you to join us and become a part of the MBL experience!

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We got married in Norland in September and needed a place for all of our guests from out of town to stay.Darren and his team hosted close to 60 of our friends and family. The property provided a great backdrop for some beautiful wedding photos, as well as an opportunity for family from all across the country to come together and celebrate our special day.A very very special thank you to Chef Peter Ilias. 3 weeks before our wedding our original caterer bailed on us. Peter stepped in on short notice and saved the day with some mouth watering prime rib.Thank you so much to everyone at Miners Bay Lodge for memories that will last a lifetime!
Love the fact that it's retro set as if you were back in the 1930's. No wifi, tv, phone, a/c, which gets adults & kids outside spending time together as families used to do. Meals are included and great food when booking a room!! 💝
Wow! We took the Butter Chicken to go today from the Lodge, it was phenomenal!!! Thank you Chef Peter, you are an absolutely talented cuisine gem!!
We didn't stay here ,but we're here for their breakfast and then came another night for dinner. I loved the quaint atmosphere and it reminded me of when I went to camp eating in the dining hall. The staff are fantastic and very friendly. We had a drive around the place from a lovely couple. It is beautifully set up and lots for families to do. We would love to come and rent a cabin sometime.
Always a lovely time! Staff are very attentive and genuinely kind. Clean cabins and beautiful gardens. Plenty of activities to choose from. Great beaches with fantastic views. Fabulous breakfast. Great escape to enjoy a kid friendly or adult Vaca. Everyone treats you like family, including the other guests. It's like stepping back in time. We will now make Miner's Bay part of our summer adventures.
Stayed for a weekend, cabins were well maintained and clean. We enjoyed the quietness of the place and people (staff and visitors) were friendly. Meals were excellent and activities were numerous.

Our Rich History

David Galloway moved from Norland to Miners' Bay in the 1870's, and set up a saw mill in the creek.

Around 1875 he constructed this farm house and he became Miners' Bay's first Post Master in 1908. In those days, this building served as residence, store and Post Office.

Originally, the structure sat where the MBL Tea Room is now situated. It was moved to the current location when the MBL Winter House was erected in the 1930's. This building is now known as MBL staff cabin # 5.
This is what MBL looked like a century ago, c. 1918! The Cameron Road was a colonization road that had reached Moore's Falls by the mid 1860's and in 1867 the road was extended to what is now MBL.

A wooden pole bridge crossed the Round Lake Creek at Miners' Bay and continued on to Minden. During WWI, the first part of the Main Lodge was constructed to accommodate tourists who were starting to visit the area
Before it became Miners' Bay Lodge, the property was originally known as the Bay View Hotel.

Over time, the hotel transformed into the lodge, retaining its charm and welcoming atmosphere. The lodge has maintained its commitment to providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience for guests, evolving from its historic roots while preserving the natural beauty and serene environment that have always been its hallmark.

This rich history adds to the lodge's unique character and appeal, offering visitors a blend of tradition and modern comfort.
In 1938, the Wunker family purchased the Bay View Hotel and renamed it Miners' Bay Lodge. The original accommodations consisted of four cottages, the farm house/post office (cottage 5), seven rooms in the winter house and 19 rooms in the lodge building.

That first season in July of 1938 started off slowly, and questions lingered as to whether the business would be a success. The family held on to grocery boxes just in case they would need to give up the Lodge after the first season. However, the business began to catch on and the grocery boxes were discarded, and Miners' Bay Lodge was an established institution
This image captures the evolving yet enduring traditions at Miners' Bay Lodge (MBL). At first glance, it appears to depict a Stunt Nite from the 1950s, traditionally held on the stage every Thursday evening. However, this performer seems to have taken her act to the main floor, suggesting this may have been a special performance.

In the early days, the Rec Hall often hosted various events and activities, especially when guests with unique talents were staying at the Lodge. This flexibility in venue use showcases how MBL has adapted over the years while maintaining its cherished traditions. © Russ Wunker
For those interested in the history of Miners' Bay Lodge, Russ Wunker's "The First Fifty Years" is available for purchase in the MBL Gift Shop.

Additionally, follow us on social media for #wunkerwednesday updates, where we share fascinating historical insights and stories from the lodge's past.

These resources provide a deeper look into the lodge's rich heritage and evolution, offering a unique perspective on its journey from the Bay View Hotel to the beloved Miners' Bay Lodge of today.

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