Miners’ Bay and Gull Lake have a long history far before Miners’ Bay Lodge existed. Fur traders and explorers travelled through the area. Later, logging was a major occupation in the area, with lumber drives often moving 150,000 logs through the Gull system in a single week. Lumber runs were common from 1860 through the 1930’s.

Miners’ Bay Lodge is very proud of our local history. We have many artifacts, tools and photographs on display around the property.

In 1938, the Wunker family purchased the Bay View Hotel and renamed it Miners’ Bay Lodge. The original accommodations consisted of four cottages, the farm house/post office (cottage 5), seven rooms in the winter house and 19 rooms in the lodge building.

That first season in July of 1938 started off slowly, and questions lingered as to whether the business would be a success. The family held on to grocery boxes just in case they would need to give up the Lodge after the first season. However, the business began to catch on and the grocery boxes were discarded, and Miners’ Bay Lodge was an established institution.

Miners’ Bay Lodge owner, Russ Wunker, is a great source of information on our history, and offers informative hikes around the property and throughout our trails system.