About Us

Miners’ Bay Lodge, family-owned and operated since 1938, is a family-oriented summer resort in the beautiful Highlands of Haliburton. Located 2 hours north-east of Toronto on Highway 35, our 70-acre property sits on the shores of Gull and Round Lakes. Haliburton County has more than 500 lakes. They, and our rolling wooded hills, make a most attractive setting for your holidays.

Our main summer season runs from mid-June to Labour Day. Our dining room reopens for Thanksgiving. Housekeeping cottages are available from May 24th weekend until Thanksgiving.

Our many facilities are available to all guests and include; 2 sand beaches, 2 paved tennis courts, a recreation hall, children’s playground, 3 shuffleboard courts, pool hall, store, gift shop, laundry, rental aluminum boats, fiberglass canoes, paddleboats and kayaks. Outboard motors and other pleasure craft may be rented from local marinas. Docking space may be rented subject to availability – requests should be made prior to arrival.

We provide a recreational program during the main season. For a complete outline of the available weekly and daily activities, please visit our Activities page.

Miners’ Bay Lodge is not only a place to vacation, but is also its own community. With 80 seasonal trailers and 40 weekly rental accommodation units, the return rate of nearly 90% of our guests shows we have been integrated into many family traditions. Our guest loyalty is so strong that we have a ‘50-year Club’ with 12 current members. Awards are given out annually to those MBL guests who have reached milestone years of 15, 20, 25, 30 and every year over 30. We strive to create an environment that brings families together and to deliver a safe and fun Miners’ Bay Lodge experience for all.

We encourage guests to bring donations for our continued support of the Minden Food Bank, which serves all of Haliburton County. We also collect aluminum can tabs to purchase wheelchairs for deserving young people.

The stone church at MBL was constructed in 1906. Settlers and local craftsmen built the church to serve the Miners’ Bay community.

When the Wunker family came to Miners’ Bay, they secured formal permission to organize and conduct services at the church, and have done so for almost six decades.

Informal, non-denominational services are held on Sundays throughout the summer season and at Thanksgiving, with different speakers scheduled each week.


Below are just a few Miners’ Bay Lodge guest testimonials sharing their favourite memories from over the years.

“I fondly think of MBL as my heaven on Earth. It’s a place of beauty, of comfort, of peace, of relaxation, and of joy. Everyone is considered family. It’s a place where, for one week out of the year, my faith in humanity is restored. Everyone is so unbelievably kind and loving. I’ve been going to MBL since I was a baby with my Grandma, and Uncle, then with my sister-in-law and husband, and to now be able to share with my son the beauty and greatness that is MBL, is just indescribably wonderful!! Thank you for giving us a lifetime of amazing memories!! There is no greater place on Earth!!”

~ Christine K., New York State

“Our children don’t want to miss this vacation and neither do we. I was so excited to bring my family back after vacationing for years at MBL as a child. It is the one place and one time of year we put down our technology and are able to put our hectic lives behind us to cherish family time. MBL is one of my favourite places on Earth. The guests, the staff and atmosphere are awesome. Thanks for providing such a unique vacation.”

~ Kristie R., Ohio

“MBL has so many memories for my family, I traveled to Miners’ Bay with my Grandparents. The cottage was full with my parents, Grandparents and four brothers and sister but it was the best of times. We would spend our week preparing for talent night held on Thursday nights at the rec hall. The movie nights and wiener roasts were always a favourite and who can forget the sand building contests. As we grew into adults and had families of our own, I took on a different role and I would bring my Grandparents and parents to cottage 28. As time has gone by, my Grandparents have both passed away as well as my Dad, but my Mom enjoys coming up on Thanksgiving weekend with my husband and children who are now grown adults themselves. We all love Miners’ Bay Lodge so much and wouldn’t vacation anywhere else. A lot of families count down to Christmas but in our house we count down to our vacation at MBL.”

~ Karen D., Ontario

“Miners’ Bay Lodge has been my vacation anchor since I was five years old. Over the years there have been changes, such as improvements to facilities, but the constant remains in the trusted caring of the owners, the reliable community standards, and the natural beauty, which calms and quiets our busy lives. A vacation and Miners’ Bay Lodge can be filled with fun sports and socializing, or a quiet retreat to recharge one’s batteries. If you haven’t visited before, give MBL a test run – don’t be surprised if you wind up returning year after year as we have.”

~ Ruth & David M., Ontario

“The Wunker family and Miners’ Bay Lodge have been an integral part of my personal family heritage. I traveled to MBL from Cincinnati, Ohio for the first time with my grandparents, parents and my brother at the age of 3. I have been blessed and have not missed a summer vacation at MBL for seventy years (2014). Last summer we became a six generation family to share and love anew, the incomparable and unique MBL experience.

~ Carol C., Ohio